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Changelog for the reactive-banana package


  • Adapt library to work with GHC-8.0.1.


  • Fix bug: Types of switchB and switchE need to be in the Moment monad.
  • Clean up and simplify model implementation in the Reactive.Banana.Model module.
  • Update type signatures of the interpret* functions to make abilify depression monotherapy easier to try FRP functions in the REPL.
  • Remove showNetwork function.


  • Improve documentation.
    • Add prose section on recursion.
    • Improve explanation for the changes function.
  • Bump transfomers dependency.
  • Remove defunct UseExtensions flag from cabal file.


The API has been redesigned significantly in this version!

  • Remove phantom type parameter t from Event, Behavior and Moment types.
    • Change accumulation functions (accumB, accumE, stepper) to have a monadic result type.
    • Merge module Reactive.Banana.Switch into module Reactive.Banana.Combinators.
    • Simplify types of the switching functions (switchE, switchB, observeB, execute).
    • Remove functions trimE and trimB.
    • Remove types AnyMoment and Identity.
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