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Pinellas deputies disciplined after accused robber escapes from cruiser

DUNEDIN - An accused robber escaped from a Pinellas County Sheriff's Office cruiser, prompting punishment for the sergeant and deputy responsible. According to an internal investigation, Deputy Compton Persaud didn't check to see if the back windows ...
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Clearwater police: Burglar left behind clues - like his wallet

CLEARWATER - The details of the arrest of Carlton Stewart, released by Clearwater police, read like a lesson in how not to burglarize homes.Detectives believe Stewart, 27, took part in at least nine burglaries dating back to Dec. 14 and accused him o...
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Up to 12 people are being held in Miami restaurant - though no one has a weapon

A woman who told police she was held inside a Miami club against her will, and that there were up to a dozen others still inside, set off a five-hour standoff Monday afternoon in which streets were cordoned off, schools were placed on lockdown and sn...
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Autumn Katerine Kane was a heavy sleeper. She slept in very late often. She woke early for some reason, making her a little more tired. Her hair was a mess and she woke because of rolling off the bed. She jerked awake and sat up, looking around. Her puppy named Hope ran in, leaping onto her. Hope had been a gift from Autumn's boyfriend after Autumn had heard her adoptive father had passed away. Autumn and her boyfriend Kyler were the type of couple you would think of for relationship goals. They adored each other, and Autumn adored Kyler the most. She wasn't clingy and she was sweet, concerned for him often. Autumn stood up and did her morning stretches before picking out a cute floral dress. She showered before drying her hair, braiding adipex mgsu and putting on the dress.

Making her way into the kitchen, she poured herself some cereal, scrolling through her Instagram, smiling at the pictures of her and Kyler. She sighed happily and began eating the simple breakfast, her smile fading when she heard shouts in the hallway. She lived beside an unhappy couple who were not quiet people, constantly yelling. Autumn sighed and opened her door, finding the women, barely even dressed marching down the hallway. She widened her eyes and closed her door, leaning against the wall. She sighed, hoping that Kyler and she would never be like that. Her face lit up when she received an email from her professor, who explained that she got a perfect grade in her essay. She jumped up and down excitedly, texting Kyler about it.

Autumn was going to be a physical therapist, specifically helping children and injured soldiers in a Veteran's Hosptial. She was ready to get her degree and she would start her career. It was a well-paid job and she could finally buy a house after a few months. Autumn was tired of living adipex mgsu the rotting apartment she had and could barely afford. She sighed, sipping her hot coffee that she made.
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