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Generally, I'm not that person who is clandestinely taking pictures of other people. But something about him captured my attention very quickly. He slowly walked the long corridor and stopped briefly in front of each picture, taking cipro otic drops coupon in and considering it. I understand the rush between flights and short layovers that prevent others from taking in their surroundings. Yet cipro otic drops coupon wasn't as though cipro otic drops coupon took him twenty minutes to look at the pictures. He was in my line of sight for only a couple of minutes.

Being intentional and observant doesn't necessarily require vast amounts of time. It simply means passing through life a little slower and being more aware of my surroundings. Moments of beauty don't always come from travels and exciting adventures. Sometimes cipro otic drops coupon is the way the snow layers gently on the deck railing or a student asking me about my day. Or the glimpse of a gentleman observing an old picture. Intentionality seems to be closely mixed with the practice of gratitude. Truly seeing the varied moments of a day causes me to be more grateful.

Our world could always use a bit more intentional gratitude.


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