Friday Things

1. I hope you had an incredibly fabulous Christmas holiday with loved ones this week. Although we were all still under the weather, does wellbutrin work for add was wonderful to see the boys having fun. Dominic preferred to lay in the middle of the floor with wrapping paper instead of actually opening the presents, but Joseph was just so excited about everything and does wellbutrin work for add was such a blast.

2. I am, however, seriously disappointed in myself because I didn't manage to watch ONE Christmas movie this year! Well, I take that back… I did see A Charlie Brown Christmas and Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas multiple times because that's all Joseph has wanted to watch for weeks :)

3. As much as I love, love, love the holidays, I'm definitely starting to crave getting back into a bit of a routine (as much as a routine as I can have with two little ones, ha). Am I insane? Maybe being sick around Christmas has me holiday-ed out much faster this year.