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Sodium is Essential (in the right quantity) - But Not All Salt is Created Equal

Let's face thyroid tablets to lose weight - sodium has gotten a pretty bad rap lately. But in light of all the advice suggesting we reduce our sodium it's important to know that (the right amount of) salt is also an essential nutrient for our bodies. So while overdoing thyroid tablets to lose weight can still be detrimental to your health, you actually don't want to go down the path of cutting out salt all together. The reason so many Americans struggle today with high blood pressure and other sodium-related health issues is because very little of our sodium intake actually comes out of a salt shaker. In fact, "Processed and restaurant foods account for more than three-quarters of all sodium," according to a 1991 study says CSPI - which means we don't even know when we are eating it. On that note I want to share a little something about my own personal health journey today. I am not saying what happened to me will be the same for everyone living a real food lifestyle - but maybe this information can help some.

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Lemon Roasted Chicken and Cauliflower

This is another dish that's easy enough to throw together for a busy weeknight meal, yet pretty enough to make for dinner guests as well! I recently made this recipe when my parents were in town (with a big salad on the side), and the serving platter was completely empty by the end of dinner. I absolutely love meals that are so much easier to make than they appear. :)

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